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For AUBA you are not just a student ID.

  You are part of our learning community--online. Whatever you are called -- Richard, Douglas, Karin, Apostolos, or Francis,… -- we shall know you by your name.You and all other students and faculty are members of the AUBA family engaged in the adult learning process. Together we are a team. An overriding objective of this team is enable our University ever improve the quality of education it offers -- your education.
Small and Big
  All our students benefit from something very important: our personal attention. We are small enough to find the time for our students. Always. And we are small enough to improve and change the content of our courses quickly, following the latest education trends.
  Yet we are big enough to offer you access to an electronic library with over 1,500,000 up-do-date articles from the top 400 business publications. You can access them from the comfort of your home or when you travel, with your laptop. Wherever you have a computer and an Internet access, the class is open for you.
   American University of Business Administration runs its distance-learning programs state-of-art software for online course delivery.Please, be informed that AUBA is the university registered on Nevis (Feb.,05), in the USA the university has post office for contacts with IACSE.
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